Thursday, June 9, 2011

BACK Appeal

 "back tie"

"Snap back"


Who doesn't love a little back action? I am in love with this trend, in every way shape and form. And you can get them for a GREAT price ( all of these dresses under $30). I was first introduced to a little "back action" when through Urban Outfitters; they always have the most adorable dresses that gives a little peak and the last time I was there i saw plenty of similar dresses with these same three details. A open back that ties, some that have an opening with a snap to bring the dress together, as well as sheer or croched areas in the back that looks amazing on the bare skin. Unfortunately it is hard for me to shop at Urban Outfitters and other stores as such because the items are on the more expensive side, usually starting around $50-$60 and with my paycheck I would only be able to get one or two things. Sometimes its good to splurge on myself, but I'd rather get more bag for my buck. There are plenty of places you can get clothes that resemble the ones at these stores, not just the dresses. Therefore, I was jumping for joy when I found all of these dresses for under $30. 1) I love this one..the "tribal" inspired print & the bow in the back is stunning! I got this one at TJ Maxx for $14.99. 2) When I was at work i fell in LOOOOVE the back was out and the front is adorable. The two different textures, silky at the bottom and denim material at the top gives it a chic edge. 3) When I wear this one I look like I stepped off the set of Little House on the Prairie lol, but I love it! It's flowy and the white on my bare back.. I can't get enough of. The last 2 cost $29.99 at Charlotte Russe. Anyways with all my rambling I just wanted to share with you guys these awesome finds and encourage you to look hard for things that are affordable for your shopping budget :)



  1. oh wow love the white dress!

  2. Love them!!!