Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Cheer

Before leaving for winter break Dani and I were finally feeling the Holiday spirit despite the lack of inspiration from this rare case of Indiana weather we are getting this year. But hey.. I'm not complaining at all, the snow can stay away for as long as it desires :). Either way, we wanted to share a little Holiday cheer on this wonderful day! Hope you all are enjoying the break and spending time with love ones.

Merry Christmas... to those celebrating

Friday, December 16, 2011

A whole year has past and boy does time fly. It has been a year since I have graduated and it does not seem like its been that long. Tonight though, we were able to enjoy a couple of our friends doing the same thing. It was a good ceremony and a good occasion to put on a dress even though is cold as ever. But the semester is over.....finally and I hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season.

dress: charlotte russe
shoes: forever 21

dress: pitaya
shoes: forever21
necklace: charlotte russe

- Dani&B

Tuesday, December 6, 2011




Hello my loves. We are completely aware of our inexcusable lack of posts during the month of November. We've been so busy with work and school we haven't really had the opportunity to be together in the same instance and both look "picture perfect" to say the least lol and it's really unfortunate.. We had the best weather, for Indiana, where we didn't have to cover our looks with layers upon layers of coats, scarfs, gloves, and hats. However, we have photos throughout the month of various occasions and of course we wanted to share! Hope you all enjoy & have an awesome week!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


 Dani: dress- H&M, tights- Charlotte Russe, shoes- Aldo, bag- Urban Outfitters
 Brook: top- Target, cardi- Aeropostale, pants & flats- Charlotte Russe, bag- Urban Outfitters

     This fall Dani and I both have completely fallen for this gorgeously rich cranberry.. eggplant.. deep burgundy color. It looks awesome on everyone and with anything! You can put it with dark and light hues and it is the perfect way to add an instant pop during the fall or winter without going for the over used bights and neons. During this season it is so easy to slip into a mock depression phase wearing all black ALL the time... or maybe that's just me lol, but you can simply throw this color in the mix and you are good to go! The color is in every store so its easy to find, if you happen to be falling just as hard.. I've acquired quite a few pieces for my own wardrobe.
     Sorry we didn't get the best shots. We just so happened to be wearing the same color when we met up for dinner after my classes and concluded it was destined we blogged about our new found love! Our friend was sweet enough to snap a few shots.

Hope all is well loves :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Buy of the week

So it has been forever since we have done a post on a great buy that we have fell in love with or a really great deal. But once i ran into these flats i thought it was a must. They were marked at $24.50 which is average for shoes at Charlotte Russe but once i got to the register they only rang up for 6.99!!!! It was a pleasant surprise so i thought i share with you guys as well. They also come in black, you guys should run out to your Charlotte if you like them!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


shirt/forever21 skirt/lush shoes/charlotte russe belt/forever21
I got up kind of early and went out for breakfast with one of my roomies, on the way back we found this place that i thought was perfect to snap a few shots. By the way I am so happy it's still warm enough to wear skirts and show off a little leg without freezing. I'm not looking forward for the harsh winter to come, so I'm soaking up all the sun I can get!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Black & Brown

Fall is officially here, the hot sunny days and coming to an end, and today we both were feeling the all black everything 

 Since it's not winter we decided to throw a little brown in there for a hint of fall colors, even though we both use to hate the two colors together. But when done with the right rusted blacks, browns and tarnished metals it comes together

 brooklynn: vest/marilyn monroe skirt/H&M shirt/charlotte russe shoes/ charlotte russe purse/tjmaxx
sweather/limited purse/tjmaxx jeans/charlotte russe boots/charlotte russe 

Hope you all enjoy :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

stretch it out

 Today we did a youtube video (watch here) on stretching out your closet by showing two totally different ways to wear one piece. So we decided to take a couple shots for you guys!
1st look

2nd look

 1st look

2nd look

Sunday, August 28, 2011

morning to sundown

top/belt: forever21, shorts: pitaya, shoes: aldo
top: Japan (fringed it myself), shorts: cut off jeans, shoes: charlotte russe

At the beginning of every fall semester the greek organizations in NPHC (the african american greeks) put on a stroll fest so we decided to go out and support... despite the extreme heat and having to stand in the courtyard for two hours in heels : /. This year all the organizations did really well and we enjoyed the show, so it was worth it!


top/skirt/earrings: Charlotte Russe, shoes: Rue21 bracelet: forever21

Dress forever21 and shoes Oshoes
 I wasnt really in the mood to go all out for this party, so i thought i throw on this dress simply because the pattern is so noticeable i wouldn't have to do much else. But the dress was perfect for the extreme heat.
-hope you guys had a nice weekend

Friday, August 26, 2011


We have sat down and talked, and listened, and shared, and reviewed our blog and after much deliberation... we've decided that we SUCK! Therefore we've decided we must do something about it, so we are relaunching our blog to start over fresh. 

Just to be clear we want to define what our relaunch means: it includes.. regular post and getting to know our individual styles and us personally.

So starting today we are promising (our pinky to yours) that we will make a significantly noticeable effort to be more committed to our blog!

We posted a couple of pictures below show our personal styles at the moment

Brooklynn's fit: shirt: charlotte russe, pants: forever21, purse: tjmaxx, shoes: tjmaxx

Currently my style is all over the place.. guess I'm a little indecisive and inconsistent about my choice in clothing, as I am in life lol.. my wardrobe is a true reflection of myself! However I do know that I am sooo effortlessly falling in love with feminine pieces, back exposure, and the shape of items. Neutral colors are my BEST FRIEND but I am attempting to branch out and befriend a little color. Dresses are a must (although I didn't photograph myself in one :/) and they consume most of the space in my closet. 

With that said I have an addiction to unique items that cannot be worn on a day-to-day basis; with my daily schedule mostly being class, work, library.. so casual pieces are currently working themselves in the mix. I love uniquely placing pieces together with my own creative touch and hopefully you enjoy my concoctions as well :)

p.s. i love a little masculinity as well... (told you i was a little all over the place ;)

          brooklynn's fit: shirt: mom's closet, skirt and shoes Charlotte Russe 

danielle's fit: dress: forever 21, shoes: charlotte russe, purse: store in japan

Unlike brook i am a very particular person, i know what i want to wear and how i want it to look, this is great at times because i can visualize a look down to the accessories BUT this is a hindrances as well. I always create outfits in my mind with things i dont own or cant find in stores lol but on another note 

 At the moment i think my style is very girlie combined with street chic. I love anything feminine, mix matching patterns, bold colors, chunky heels and everything high waisted. With the fall coming up I'm starting to get really into all the 70s inspired pieces which kind of embodies everything i listed above.

I often go for one item bold pieces you can just throw on as a statement piece so you don't have to do much to make the rest of the outfit come together. That way it looks effortlessly simple But, with that being said it leaves me with very little simple casual pieces in my wardrobe which I'm working on 
but as i blog my daily inspirations and looks im sure you will see my style is ever changing due to me getting easily bored. 

danielle's fit: shirt: pitaya, shorts and purse: vintage shop, shoes: guess