Saturday, June 11, 2011

buy of the week

I just got this bag a little over a week ago and thought i would share with you guys. We are going to start doing a post once a week about what we consider to be a incredible buy. Whether its due to its price, quality or something we just adore and think you should run out and get one for your self lol....

But anyways I bought this bag at TJ MAXX. Its perfect for students or a career women. It has many compartments and is pretty big and it comes with a makeup bag, wallet and a laptop case and ALL of this was ONLY 19.99!!!! i know crazy right but anyways it comes in the three other colors and seems pretty durable. I love it!



  1. I want one of these for school in August!

  2. I know they are so awesome to carry around campus! Brook is planning to go back and get one too :)