Sunday, May 15, 2011

I got the blues

danielle: shirt/skirt/belt: pitaya, shoes: forever21
brooklynn: romper: wal mart, cardigan: pitaya, shoes: charlotte russe 

Yesterday we wound up wearing the same color scheme.. which further leads me to believe that we were meant to be twins, our parents just messed it up for us. Any-who, we were out yesterday with our roommate running errands which included selling some of the clothes we no longer wear to Plato's Closet and the trip somehow lead us to a sushi spot in town :). Anyways we snapped a couple photo's and wanted to share with you all, hope you enjoy!



  1. u guys look lovely... I see you guys are changing the layout I like it!

  2. I wore blue yesterday. I just love yall outfits!

  3. thanks girls! and yea we are making changes to the layout looking for something new!!!