Monday, June 28, 2010

Raiding Grandmas Jewelry Box

A few years ago me and brook both would have laughed if our mom tried to get us to wear anything old or what we considered old fashion. But recently we have discovered that vintage is your best friend!!! We have found that vintage shops and thrift shops are the best place to shop when looking for something new, classic and of good quality.

So the last time we went to our grandmothers house we stubbled upon a box of jewelry in her dresser! We were surprised to find such cute things in her dresser not being worn especially since they weren't in her real jewelry box. So after asking her what would could have we ended up with a pleasing amount of new (but old) to us items.

We fell in love with a few pieces especially the silver coin ring, im really into coin charm jewelry at the moment. Both of us are trying to add more vintage jewelry to our jewelry box. So once we find more lovely pieces we will share them with you all.