Thursday, June 10, 2010

Currently loving

curRentLy lovIng....BB DOKOTA

Currently loving is a new thing we are going to start blogging about. We intend to find new brands, people, styles or inspirations that we are currently loving and let you guys know about them. So anything new we come across, we will share with you guys. Hopefully you love them too, and if you hate them, know more about them or whatever we would love to hear about it.

So BB Dokota is the first brand we are currently loving. I (danielle) found out about them recently once i started interning this summer at a local boutique. We carry a lot of their items as well as their branch off of BB Dokota, Jack BB Dokota geared toward their younger customer.

They define the BB Dokota girl as "Our look is citified prep, Americana with a quirky, feminine twist. The BB Dakota girl is glamorous, sophisticated, intelligent, at times demure, at times sexy, always feminine and always confident."

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