Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brooks 20th bday!!!

Brook is wearing: corset- pitaya, skirt- forever21, shoes-rue21

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to brook!!!

Brook finally is not a teenager anymore!!! She just turned 20 on the 16th of June, so of course we had to celebrate her turning one year closer to 21!!! To bad we are no longer in japan because the big age to turn there is 20, it is the age where you are finally seen as an adult. So for her birthday we went to a sushi bar with a couple of friends to celebrated. We couldnt do much that night or weekend because she had finals for summer classes, but we had fun regardless!!! Since she was the birthday girl, she went all out to look cute including cutting her hair!!! There has been so many birthdays this month, so we have spent a lot of money on gifts and partying lol. But let us know what you think about her hair cut, outfit, and if any of you have june birthdays also.


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  1. Happy Belated Birthdayy !
    Really Cute Haircut :)