Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Homecoming weekend

Danielle: Forever21 head to toe, Brooklynn: Charlotte Russe head to toe

This past weekend was IU's Homecoming! We were super excited to blow of some stress from the hectic school week and to celebrate my last homecoming as a undergrad. We could not attend the game like we planned because both of us and all of our friends ended having to work. BUT we did have a unforgettable time going out both friday and saturday! I hope all of you guys weekend was as great as ours!


  1. Those dresses from Forever21 and Charlotte Russe look fantastic on both of you and the colors compliment each other nicely. Glad your weekend was a great one. i like the lace on the Charlotte Russe dress. Do they both have they same care instructions (like hand wash and line dry)?