Friday, November 5, 2010

Washington DC

This past weekend me and brook went on a trip with our school to DC!!!! We were so excited to be getting away from school and experiencing something new. The purpose of the trip was to allow students from a predominantly white university to visit a HBCU (historical black college university), so IU took a trip to Howard University's homecoming. While there we got to tour the city and catch taxi's everywhere (which was definitely a hassle lol), going to Howard's campus, the night life and to see the Washington monuments! Overall the trip was a fun and very much needed little vaca!

Heading to the campus for the Yard Fest.

 Friday night out
 In Lux Lounge with our bestie Chantal
 Ben's Chilli Bowl..amazing!..and we're not that fond of chilli lol
 The monuments 

 All four loves together....last night out
On another note, today is my 23rd birthday YAY!!!! and i have no idea what i am doing this weekend. But will be posting pics of the birthday outfits! Come back and check them out & enjoy! How was your Halloween weekend? We'd love to hear what your costumes were!


  1. Happy 23rd birthday!!!! I never did get up the nerve to put on my French Maid's outfit and go out. I just paid bills and ate candy. Those are some great photos of you in Washington and in front of the White house. You both look fashionable and right in season with the scarves and i love the last photo.

  2. FUN FUN FUN! That is so nice of your school to do that. I went an HBCU and had a predominantly white school right down the street so I got the best of both worlds. =)

    I didn't realize you were only a year younger than me....I get that I look younger than my age all the time and I am about to be 25 #YIKES!

  3. You guys always dress so amazing.

  4. yea we all had a awesome time, it was exciting to see the difference in the school cultures. Thank you for the birthday wishes, i do get that i look young all the time! But also thanks for the comments on the outfits it makes me smile : )