Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Season 1

Gossip Girl here: ok so we are sure how many of our readers are gossip girl fans but it is our all time favorite show. And if you ever have just caught a glimpse of just one show you would see they wear the most ridiculous fashionable items that are exclusive to those with fat pockets. You can easily learn what is on trend and about many designer just from watching weekly. So we have been inspired by gossip girl and are going to post a pic each week after the episode appears (monday nights) of how we felt they dressed that season. So for this week we did season 1, and season 1 mostly took place at their high school. So we went a very preppy boarding school look. After we have posted an inspired look from every season we will begin to just post inspired looks from season 4. Let me know what you guys think of our looks and if you guys are gossip girl lovers too.


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