Friday, May 28, 2010

Sunny Afternoon

Dani: forever21 head-to-toe Brook: Forever21 shoes & shirt, Charlotte Russe vest, old jeans

Hello Everyone! We haven't posted in a while....apologies, but we appreciate our new followers =). We wanted to share a few photos before we headed off to a friends bbq! Super excited....kicking off Memorial weekend right! hope everyone enjoys the holiday...and do share any stories!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sushi night!

We went out the other night for sushi with one of our roommates ( the other 2 couldnt make it : [ ) but we had a lot of fun while eating good food we miss alot. It was rainy that night so we wore a little more to cover up. (danielle: jacket- H&M, dress- got in japan) (Brooklynn: Top-papaya, leggings- forever21)
Waiting for the food...danielle's arm is around her invisible friend lol
our roommate meesha and brook

And then the yummy yummy food

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dressing up your closets

"IM SUCH A GIRLY GIRL"- nicki minja

Urban Outfitters
Wet Seal

Forever 21
Lately we have been feeling girly! So to encompass the girly girl life style (lol) when going out with friends; such as to lunch, on campus events, night life, work or in day to day activities we have decided to try and add many different dresses to our wardrobe. Brook has picked up a few dresses recently for next season (fall). We posted these picture to show the first step in revamping our style which is the plan for the summer! Let us know what you think about them and tell us about any style of dress you recently bought or have been into lately

Also we are suppose have a roommate night out for sushi (yum) with our three other roommates. We are going to try a new place place we haven't been to yet but heard a lot about, we are sooo excited to go especially since we miss japan dearly. We will post pics of what we wear out to night posted later this evening. Hope you guys have a good thursday!


Monday, May 10, 2010

By Giorgio Armani

We both LOVE Alicia Keys as an artist and her style. Brook got her new CD Elements of Freedom from our little brother for christmas and we have played it out lol. Alicia Keys style seems to have changed and evolved with the release of her CD. She appears more daring and trendy while still upholding a classy look. So i was really excited to see the new looks that fit her new style perfectly with the current trends that Giorgio Armani designed for her tour she will be doing in Europe. I personally love all of the looks and feel they fit the mood of the album. The third look of the leather jacket thats crocodile print and includes the bold shoulder created by studs and chains is my favorite! I feel that the look sums up the new image alicia keys is leaning toward as well one of the biggest trends this year.

Im interested in hearing what you guys think about how these four designs fit alicia keys style and personality. Hope you guys had a good monday!


"TWITT" obsession

Twitter is taking over the as the one of the leading networking websites and it took me forever to connect with the twitter world lol! But, finally i made it.... (can follow me... user name: brookieKIMOTO & follow danielle @daninichol) and I've been dying to do a background. Since I've been so busy with the end of the semester and finals i hadn't had time to do it but this week I'm hoping I'll get it done. I've been slowly but surely starting to pack to get ready for my move back on campus for my summer job as a Resident Assistant for a summer program to integrate upcoming freshman into to college atmosphere before the fall semester and I'm super excited because it is the same program I came into IU under! Over the weekend me and Dani went to the Black Congratulatory Ceremony to help celebrate the some of the minorities graduating from IU before the real graduation ceremony but we were running late so we were unable to take any pictures :( so instead I touched on the my new found twitter obsession and shared some pictures from my "twitter photoshoot" heehehe hope you all enjoy this post and twitter as much as I do! Comment and tell me if your an obsessed "tweetee"
Happy Mothers Day to our MOMMY and all the MOM out there....we appreciate you! We wish we could have been with our mom today but instead we are in two different states lol....still but we sent our love!