Monday, May 10, 2010

By Giorgio Armani

We both LOVE Alicia Keys as an artist and her style. Brook got her new CD Elements of Freedom from our little brother for christmas and we have played it out lol. Alicia Keys style seems to have changed and evolved with the release of her CD. She appears more daring and trendy while still upholding a classy look. So i was really excited to see the new looks that fit her new style perfectly with the current trends that Giorgio Armani designed for her tour she will be doing in Europe. I personally love all of the looks and feel they fit the mood of the album. The third look of the leather jacket thats crocodile print and includes the bold shoulder created by studs and chains is my favorite! I feel that the look sums up the new image alicia keys is leaning toward as well one of the biggest trends this year.

Im interested in hearing what you guys think about how these four designs fit alicia keys style and personality. Hope you guys had a good monday!


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