Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dressing up your closets

"IM SUCH A GIRLY GIRL"- nicki minja

Urban Outfitters
Wet Seal

Forever 21
Lately we have been feeling girly! So to encompass the girly girl life style (lol) when going out with friends; such as to lunch, on campus events, night life, work or in day to day activities we have decided to try and add many different dresses to our wardrobe. Brook has picked up a few dresses recently for next season (fall). We posted these picture to show the first step in revamping our style which is the plan for the summer! Let us know what you think about them and tell us about any style of dress you recently bought or have been into lately

Also we are suppose have a roommate night out for sushi (yum) with our three other roommates. We are going to try a new place place we haven't been to yet but heard a lot about, we are sooo excited to go especially since we miss japan dearly. We will post pics of what we wear out to night posted later this evening. Hope you guys have a good thursday!



  1. thanks for following me :)
    I love that dress from the wetseal!
    how much was it? i love it.
    NICE BLOg btw :)

  2. i love wearing girly girl clothes. The lacy detailed sleeves, yoke, back and the puff shoulders of the outfit by Wet Seal is really nice. i usually like Forever 21 too..... and i like Malibu Mara (that's how i found you).

  3. cute dresses. First one looks like its from Asos.

    Following your blog! please check out mine too when you get a chance, hope you follow back : )

  4. girls...i LOVE your closets so far.. i really feel every outfit so far...keep goin like that:)
    xox valerie

  5. thanks for all the comments! I really love the dress from wetseal too, seems everyone else was on sale for $10 so if you like it you should head to the nearest one, they be the same price at yours as well. I really love all the dresses and I'm glad you all like them too :)

  6. I love these dresses! Dresses are my favorite clothing pieces!