Sunday, August 29, 2010

SnipSnipSnip.... & its GONE

There is nothing better than a lose fitting tank...cute pj shorts....and a brand new haircut to fall asleep in on a late saturday night, as I zone out listening to DrizzyDrakes album.. (which I am lowkey addicted to lol). Classes start monday and I am taking advantage of every free moment possible before 18 credit hours and work begin to consume my life! What I wouldn't give for another week of freedom...oh well! sigh.
So to start the semester off I decided to cut my hair (i have became addicted to cutting it over the past 2 years). Finally I got rid of the long bang. I been feeling like it was my comfort zone to keep some hair coming down on face rather then going short all over. I'm glad I found the courage because i really like it! I feel like every time I cut my hair I it gives me a clean's like "cutting the bs out my life" so i put up 2FINGERs to the hair I had left heehe, and hope for a great semester! What are your personal "cleansing" habits...I'd love to know.
p.s. I [heart] sponge BOB =)

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