Wednesday, August 4, 2010

black & WHITE

wearing white dress from body central, forever21 pumps, charlotte russe ear rings and braclet from pitya

....go against the crowd, choose white
Apologies for the lack of post of Dani& the time we are seperated. :( I'm still in Indiana taking summer classes and working as an RA for a program called Groups for incoming freshman. Dispite all the busy work i squeezed in some time to post a couple pictures from the weekend of a program we planned....CASINO NIGHT!!...which is a "prom" live event we put on. It turned out amazing and we danced until -Just a quick update- Hope you all are enjoying your summer!..which is quickly coming to an end :(


  1. You look beautiful together. Love those smiles, and you make that dress from Body Central look amazingly good. Love the hem on that gorgeously modeled black outfit too.

  2. Thank you! Yall make me smile =)