Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Transition to Spring

The blazer: button up jeggings and boots
The blazer: tribal print rumper and nude  peep toe pumps
adding an array of colors give the blazer a spring feel
poka dot shirt: black blazer, black jeggings and black wedged biker boots
darker colors make it fit for the winter

 poka dot shirt: purple floral printed high waisted shorts, black belt to sinch the waist, and purple peep toed pumps
adding bright colors and mixing patterns give the shirt a spring vibe
 patterned dress: black sheer tights and gray pumps
the tights are perfect for the winter with dresses
 patterned dress: green blazer, pink clutch, and nude pumps
the light colors bring this dress into spring
 cute blouse & chunky heel: black leather jacket, dark jeans, tan purse
the dark jacket and jeans are great for the winter
cute blouse & chunky heel: white skirt
adding lighter colors makes this perfect for spring

Spring is just around the corner and seeing all the new spring clothes in the store make us want to shop shop shop!!! lol But being a college student and a recent college grad we want our wardrobe to stretch as far as it possibly can! So...before we go spend money we like to look in our closet and see what items we can carry over from the winter into the spring. Hopefully this will allow you all to do the same so that you can spend your money wisely ;-). I am so excited to wear bright clothes!
....what spring trend are you anticipating?!?! We'd love to know!

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