Sunday, January 2, 2011


Happy New Year!!! It's been a while and a very busy year for both Danielle and myself. We missed Christmas so I hope everyone had a wonderful day and enjoyed the family time and a break from your everyday life, & hopefully Santa brought exactly what you wanted. It's 2011, a brand new year and time for a new...changed, or altered mindset. My New Year's resolution is to be motivated to do better at facing my fear of being in front of, I'm shy! But....2010 was a great year and I plan to make 2011 even better so I'll seal 2010 with a good 'ol (red) kiss & share some pictures of the end of the year.

NYE...I didn't go out anywhere just stayed home and laughed it up with my family

As long as I waited..I've finally been premaritally marked!

me & my 2 best friends are linked by ink : 
japanese characters
the year we met
& 2 cherry blossoms 

me & Dan at a pageant held on campus

end of finals week, out celebrating the end of the semester and Dan's graduation!

The black congratulatory ceremony held the day before the university graduation date to celebrate all the Black students graduating, since there is such a small population at our school

Dan with our roomates :
Sharniece & Q

2 of our cousins : Ryan & James

A family photo

out to dinner

Our friend that also graduated Shaneka

smooches dani&b


  1. What a luscious looking kiss, pretty lipstick and smiles! Love the lipstick,the black lace and pink cap sleeve tops. The tattoo looks like it must have been painful. Congrats on the graduation. Have a wonderful New Year!