Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flower Power

Floral Look Book

This past weekend is one of the BIGGEST weeks at our school. **Lil500** which is a big party week that is centered off of a bike race. Its the week where everybody goes out to parties, events and concerts.

So we went out with a couple of friends and some how we (me&brook) both ended up wearing pieces where the print that cover the garment was flowers. Floral prints are trickling over into the summer season so we thought we post different looks where the floral print is the main statement piece of your outfit.

This is what we both wore out that night. Brooks dress is from Wetseal and Danielle's shorts are from a boutique named Pitaya

Different looks


Its been a LONG time

Hey ladies!

So we know its been a while since we actually posted something : / but we promise to do wayyy better. We have both been very busy with school because the end of the year is approaching and we have finals starting and many projects do. But since the year is coming to a close we will be making knew post constantly.

This summer we both are excited to do something new. Every summer we usually go home to spend it with our family in Japan or Texas where we went this past summer due to our fam moving there. But this summer is time for a change!!! We both will be staying in Indiana working *Danielle* interning at a small adorable boutique which Im super excited about since I am majoring in apparel merchandising and *Brooklynn* will be taking on a RA position for a summer program that she is looking forward to mentoring the incoming freshman for next year.

SO besides the little up date


we wanted to share with you a product we recently purchased called Manly Professional Cosmetics. We have a youtube channel (which we will post the link below) we had seen other fashion/makeup guru's use this Manly 120 pallet in their videos and it had really good reviews so we had to order it! It took around 2weeks to get here from china (ordered on ebay) so once it got here we were really excited open it and use it. Once opening it the first thing we saw was that 5 of the eyeshadows where broken : ( despite it being rapped in tones of bubble rap. But besides that little disappointment we were very satisfied with how pigmented the colors are and how the blend espeically for it coming to only $25 after tax and shipping

But there will more post soon, so look out for those!!! And we really appreciate all of the comments!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Must have summer shoes

NUDES: nude shoes are our favorite trend of this year! They are in every store and in every style of shoe as well. We want to find the perfect pair of shoes that can be worn with many different outfits and comfortable as well. Depending on your skin tone it might be hard to find a good nude shoe that is actually nude on you but the many different shades go perfect with season light neutral colors ( both of these shoes are from bakers)
CUFF: sandals with a cuff that sits around the ankle is a new trend we have spotted that is catching on this summer. We have seen sandals like these in many stores and we both think they are really cute! (left: Jessica Simpson, right
OVER THE ANKLE: This past winter boots that went slightly over the ankle were really in and it seems to have carried over to this summer as well. They give off the appearance of a summer ankle boot! both of these shoes are from forever21
BASIC FLAT SHOE: Having a comfortable flat like tennis shoe is perfect when walking around campus like we do everyday and will be great for the summer when you dont want to have your feet out. The simple classic look go great with leggings, skinny jeans and skirts (left: forever21)
STONES & STUDS: stones and studs are a trend we have spotted on both sandals and heels, they fall into the neutral earth tone theme that seems to be prevalent this summer

GLADIATOR: Gladiator sandals are still in this year, having a pair of these in any color will be easily paired with a lot of outfits
WEDGES: Wedges are in this year and go well with this summer neutral and pastel colors. (this shoes are Steven Maddens)
SLING BACKS: Heels that have the back out of the heel out appear to be really in this season. Forever21 are carrying alot of these, this pair is from forever21 also

Summer is approaching (super excited) and one of the best thing about a new season is the new shoes that come out! We love love love shoes! They really complete and outfit and can sometimes be the power piece that make a really simple outfit cute. So we went thought the top ten shoes we believe are a must have for this summer. We picked out the top trends that are showing in most stores, this summers colors and what people seem to be wearing. Let us know what you think about these shoes and any other shoes that have caught your eye for this summer!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my bra (ahhhh!) sorry

Brooklynn: Shirt: Charlotte Russe
Jacket: From Japan
Skirt: Forever21
Bracelet: Nordstrom
Shoes: forever21

Dress: Forever21
blazer: Charlotte Russe
Belt: Forever21
Earrings: forever21
Shoes: Forever21


Hey everyone! Sorry we have been taking so long to have new post but we have just been so busy finishing up group projects and writing papers since the semester is coming to an end. But we plan to pick up the pace in the next couple of weeks. This weekend we took a trip to Indianapolis to visit family for EASTER! We were able to spend quality time, have some good laughs, and eat GREAT food lol which is always good along with getting a little studying in so overall this weekend was a success! We hope everyone else had an amazing holiday too and a great weekend, if so please do tell! Enjoy the rest of tuesday (the weather is soo beautiful today)...that much closer to friday..YAY!!
-smoOches dani&b

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hit and Miss

Danielle is wearing:
Skirt: Forever 21
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Forever 21
Purse: vintage store

Brooklynn is wearing
Jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Forever21
Purse: vintage store

It was a really nice day today here with really nice weather and sunny all day. So me and brook were really psyched to dress up and go to a fashion show that was being put on by the retail studies organization which i (danielle) am part of because I am majoring in Apparel Merchandising. But we were running a little late and got there like 30mins after i started, really quick huh??? That was the fastest fashion show i have ever seen but we took pics before we went so we decided to share them with you guys!!!