Sunday, April 11, 2010

Must have summer shoes

NUDES: nude shoes are our favorite trend of this year! They are in every store and in every style of shoe as well. We want to find the perfect pair of shoes that can be worn with many different outfits and comfortable as well. Depending on your skin tone it might be hard to find a good nude shoe that is actually nude on you but the many different shades go perfect with season light neutral colors ( both of these shoes are from bakers)
CUFF: sandals with a cuff that sits around the ankle is a new trend we have spotted that is catching on this summer. We have seen sandals like these in many stores and we both think they are really cute! (left: Jessica Simpson, right
OVER THE ANKLE: This past winter boots that went slightly over the ankle were really in and it seems to have carried over to this summer as well. They give off the appearance of a summer ankle boot! both of these shoes are from forever21
BASIC FLAT SHOE: Having a comfortable flat like tennis shoe is perfect when walking around campus like we do everyday and will be great for the summer when you dont want to have your feet out. The simple classic look go great with leggings, skinny jeans and skirts (left: forever21)
STONES & STUDS: stones and studs are a trend we have spotted on both sandals and heels, they fall into the neutral earth tone theme that seems to be prevalent this summer

GLADIATOR: Gladiator sandals are still in this year, having a pair of these in any color will be easily paired with a lot of outfits
WEDGES: Wedges are in this year and go well with this summer neutral and pastel colors. (this shoes are Steven Maddens)
SLING BACKS: Heels that have the back out of the heel out appear to be really in this season. Forever21 are carrying alot of these, this pair is from forever21 also

Summer is approaching (super excited) and one of the best thing about a new season is the new shoes that come out! We love love love shoes! They really complete and outfit and can sometimes be the power piece that make a really simple outfit cute. So we went thought the top ten shoes we believe are a must have for this summer. We picked out the top trends that are showing in most stores, this summers colors and what people seem to be wearing. Let us know what you think about these shoes and any other shoes that have caught your eye for this summer!



  1. Just browsed through your blog, and you girls have GREAT style! xo

  2. Your blog is pretty! love the nude pumps and wedges!

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