Friday, September 17, 2010

"Music speaks to my SOUL"

Short for time and lost for words but I wanted to share a couple of pictures of my "getMEup" (my new term for outfit..... it empowers me and my personal style lol. A little lame.. it's okay) when I attended an Open Mic event last night. It was a tribute to a former IU student who organized the events for a couple of years, that recently committed suicide. Just being there really spoke to me about cherishing those around you and all that you have and all you hope to become, just the nudge I needed to motivate to me follow my true dreams. My heart goes out to his family and friends and all those that have had to deal with something similar. Hope you all enjoy your weekend as it officially begins, on a lighter note lol :) & don't forget, to obtain something we must actually try! ENJOY!

Shirt- Forever21
Cargo pants- TJMaxx
Shoes- Bakers
Accessories- Jimmy choo purse, Grandma's vintage ear rings, and Macy's watch

smOOches dani&b.

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