Sunday, July 17, 2011


Since I'm still up...I have to share!

I love l o v e L O V E these shoes and I think its only right I share this current obsession! I saw these on  for only $51.90 about a week ago and almost fell out of my chair ...literally! lol. It is such a great price for  the detailing. I'm in love and I have to have them! They are sooo gorgeous and such a statement piece, I need that in my life. I love shoes and lately clothes, mainly dresses, have become a main priority when I'm shopping. This is the perfect shoe to snap me back into "shoe-phase". Hopefully when I get paid on friday they'll still have my size.

smoOches b.

IN or Out...?

(photos found on tumblr)

So...recently when I was browsing randomly through tumblr, I came across a picture of Kourtney Kardashian with an amazing short suit on and fell in L O V E! Since then I have been on the search for a perfect "look-alike"...or just one equally adorable that i can call my own at a reasonable price. Part time retail is not bringing in much money lol, so I'm hoping I can find pieces that will magically mesh cohesively! *crossed fingers* But after doing a little research I discovered they first appeared on the runway in 2008...some time ago, right? But I believe Kourtney wore her's this spring so I am still on the lookout. I just hope they are still IN rather than.....Out.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

sunday brunch

dress: cha cha shoes: forever21

me and mi madre (we were caught off guard lol)
I took a trip to San Antonio without brook : ( for a little over a week to visit my family and see a few friends. Of course its crazy hot here every day, as soon as you step out soon the sun is beaming dry heat on your face. This is a pic of sunday after going to church and out to brunch. I loved this dress when i first saw it, it reminds me of a sailor dress because of the bib around the neck and the color.

Ill be reuniting back with brook after the weekend, hope you guys have a good one!