Sunday, August 29, 2010

SnipSnipSnip.... & its GONE

There is nothing better than a lose fitting tank...cute pj shorts....and a brand new haircut to fall asleep in on a late saturday night, as I zone out listening to DrizzyDrakes album.. (which I am lowkey addicted to lol). Classes start monday and I am taking advantage of every free moment possible before 18 credit hours and work begin to consume my life! What I wouldn't give for another week of freedom...oh well! sigh.
So to start the semester off I decided to cut my hair (i have became addicted to cutting it over the past 2 years). Finally I got rid of the long bang. I been feeling like it was my comfort zone to keep some hair coming down on face rather then going short all over. I'm glad I found the courage because i really like it! I feel like every time I cut my hair I it gives me a clean's like "cutting the bs out my life" so i put up 2FINGERs to the hair I had left heehe, and hope for a great semester! What are your personal "cleansing" habits...I'd love to know.
p.s. I [heart] sponge BOB =)

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

black & WHITE

wearing white dress from body central, forever21 pumps, charlotte russe ear rings and braclet from pitya

....go against the crowd, choose white
Apologies for the lack of post of Dani& the time we are seperated. :( I'm still in Indiana taking summer classes and working as an RA for a program called Groups for incoming freshman. Dispite all the busy work i squeezed in some time to post a couple pictures from the weekend of a program we planned....CASINO NIGHT!!...which is a "prom" live event we put on. It turned out amazing and we danced until -Just a quick update- Hope you all are enjoying your summer!..which is quickly coming to an end :(

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Style Icon: Angela Simmons

We love, love, love Vanessa and Angela Simmons. They both have amazing style, a well establish brand and are beautiful girls. We love that Angela has such a wide range of style. She can be extremely casual wearing jogging pants with a tee-shirt and no make up , twisting the latest trends to fit her style, or to a all dolled up sex kitten. These pictures illustrate the range of styles she has in her closet.

One of the Key things we want to work on in our Summer up grade plan *to redo our wardrobe* is to have diversity. So we have cute casual staple pieces to wear around campus, shopping or basically just in our everyday life, as well as dressy, trendy, sexy and classic. So hopefully one day we get on Angela's level and our closet is a diverse as hers!!!