Wednesday, July 28, 2010


With all the recent post and news reports about Lindsey Lohan and the law, it has drawn our attention to her collection 6126. We love that her collection is inspired by the iconic Marilyn Monroe. The line really does embody the timeless, confidence and glamour Marilyn Monroe symbolizes.



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

UpDate of wardrobe

UpDate of wardrobe UpDate

For a while me and brook have mentioning that we are doing a whole wardrobe upgrade. We both want to change our wardrobe to embodied our new style and look we want to go towards as we are changing along with the new direction of fashion. We are looking to both to add more pieces to our closet that we can wear as everyday casual attire, a lot more dresses, vintage pieces, as well as stepping our accessory game up. So above are pics are a few pics brook took earlier of things she recently bought to update her wardrobe for our summer upgrade plan.

Also I know i was suppose to post pictures today of the outfit i wore this past weekend to the all white party but I discovered that i left my cord to import my pictures on my computer back in indiana : ( sad i know, so im going to have to go and buy one as soon as possible. Hopefully brook can send me mine soon or i can find one for my camera. But i still will be doing post!!! So until next time...


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

UpDate on our lives

Hey ladies!
So after many days of packing, visiting family and catching a flight to texas i (danielle) am finally able to make a post. For the past week everything has been soooo crazy with me and brook. I have been packing my room and things around my apartment so i can get ready to move into a new place for next school year. After i got everything boxed up i went to visit my grandparents in indianapolis for the weekend (and she has NO internet -__-) But while i was there me and brook got to go to an all white party that two of our cousins through. It was so much fun, there was an open bar, catered food and a nice relaxing social event. Me and brook had no white to wear so so jetted to the mall hours before and got the same t-shirt dress to wear but we accessorized differently. Tomorrow i will post pics of the dress we got.

On another note, now that i am finished with my internship which was a interesting experience, i will have more time to post more frequently. Once brook gets to texas we will be doing constant outfits of the day and just different places around San Antonio. So i will have a new post for you guys tomorrow! good night loves